Finally, put your bookmarks to work with AI

Frontdoor is an AI knowledge assistant that helps you get smarter, faster. Capture anything on the web, have it automatically organised, and resurfaced right when you need it
Frontdoor is invite only at the moment for Chrome, Brave, Edge and Arc users
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How it works

Your personal librarian for the internet

1. Capture anything on the web

Save anything from the web to your library. Frontdoor will automatically tag it and take detailed notes for you to read later

You can save articles, tweets - even Youtube videos and PDFs!

2. Resurface bookmarks whilst browsing

No need to context switch. Load up the Frontdoor extension from wherever you are on the web and ask a question

Frontdoor will resurface your old bookmarks and show you what fresh ideas you should read next


So much more than just a bookmarking tool

Community powered curation

See what people like you are reading to supercharge your personal discovery experience
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Import your Twitter & Pocket bookmarks

We'll intelligently tag & summarise your Twitter & Pocket bookmarks and make them searchable
Pocket & Twitter import

Powerful AI generated summaries & notes

Ever bookmarked a long Youtube video or PDF only to never return to them? Get the takeaways faster with summaries
AI summaries
What our users say about us

Made with ❤️ for the internet curious

"Frontdoor has given me access to knowledge I didn't even know I needed."

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Zain Khan
Growth Manager

“I love the unobtrusive 'CMD+K' interface...It makes using Frontdoor very intuitive”

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Ben Jesuiter

"Amazing! Honestly the best way to start a deep dive"

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Ed Bramwell
Early-stage Founder

"Not having to worry about tagging is a game changer. I actually know where to look for things that I want to revisit now!”

Otis Jordan
Tech Writer

"Super helpful - consistently surprised by being recommended useful content that I haven't come across before."

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Brent Rohner
Early-stage Founder

“It's like having the power of a second brain without the effort of maintaining one”

Julia Payne
Early-stage Founder


How much does it cost?

At the moment, Frontdoor is invite only and completely free for our early supporters

Can anybody see what I'm bookmarking?

Frontdoor is on a mission to make knowledge management open and connected. Right now, you're able to discover what other people in the network have been bookmarking to supercharge your discovery experience. It's like building your own personal library - except you can pull in resources from the best minds around you

How do I get off the waitlist?

We're onboarding users one by one to build a high-signal network of curators. You can shoot us an email at to get off the waitlist faster!

How do I give feedback or request a feature?

You can hit the 'Send Feedback' button in the app or drop us an email and say hey 👋