What we've shipped recently



June 23, 2023

V0.5 Extension
V0.5 Pocket Import

Extension search improvements

  • When you make a search in the extension, you can now see if a result is being resurfaced from your library or if it's a suggestion from another curator in the network
  • Results from your library will always be prioritised at the top of the results

Import from Pocket

  • You can now import your old bookmarks from Pocket into Frontdoor
  • They will be automatically tagged and summarised just like all your other links

Add tags manually at the point of saving

  • When you save a link using the extension you can now view the AI generated tags and choose to edit them or add your own tags manually right at the instance of saving

Powerful summary improvements

  • A summary becomes useful when you are able to read it and get the key takeaways without having have to open the original article
  • Summaries have been improved to be much more detailed and comprehensive
  • They can now summarise long articles up to 10,000 words

Ability to understand Youtube videos and PDFs

  • Frontdoor can now understand, tag and summarise Youtube vidoes and PDFs - just save them like you would any other link on the web


May 25, 2023

V0.4 Library

Revamped organisation philosophy

  • New methodology centred around tagging and search only. Anything more is overkill, anything less is too chaotic
  • Saved links are now tagged automatically with AI
  • You can now edit tags manually with no restrictions
  • Simplified the library view by removing 'collections'
  • Multi-select filters with tags by clicking in the left sidebar

New onboarding process

  • Signficantly shortened onboarding process
  • No more lengthy videos to watch, just a series of snappy GIFs which get to the point
  • Removed need to create collections

Import from Twitter bookmarks

  • Added the ability to import Twitter bookmarks (limited to 200 for now)

Simplified extension experience

  • Removed the buggy 'peak' experience - clicking on results now takes you directly to the page in your browser
  • Ability to hit 'tab' to head to library added to extension command panel